In March 2020, Knowlesys participated in exhibition ISS Dubai as an OSINT solution exhibitor.

In October 2018, Knowlesys Passed ISO 9000 quality management certification again.

In November 2017, Knowlesys Passed The Certificate Of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System.

In November 2016, Knowlesys Was Certificated As The National High-tech Enterprise Of China.

In September 2015, Knowlesys passed the ISO 9000 certification.

In October 2013, Knowlesys Was Certificated As The National High-tech Enterprise Of China

In August 2012, Knowlesys was granted the software copyright certificate for Knowlesys Intelligence System 1.0.

In May 2012, Knowlesys became a member of the Shenzhen Cloud Computing Industry Association.

In March 2012, Knowlesys was awarded 7 software copyright certificates, including Knowlesys Network Information Collection System 4.6.

In September 2011, Knowlesys was entitled to tax exemption for its exported software products.

In October 2010, with the approval from the State Trademark Bureau, Knowlesys registered the trademarks: Knowlesys and Web2DB.

In March 2009, Knowlesys outperformed US competitors to win the public opinion monitoring contract of a foreign central government. The final implementation and development took one and a half years.

In December 2008, Knowlesys was qualified as a software company and its products registered after being assessed by Shenzhen Bureau of S&T and Information.    

In January 2007, Knowlesys was awarded the software copyright for Knowlesys Web Data Miner System 2.1.