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  Custom Web Data Extractor 
I want to run the extraction tasks in my house at anytime Submit Request

Do you plan to extract the latest data periodically from web in your house at any time? We can provide you the Web2DB custom extractor software for your targeted website. You only need click the start button to start the extraction to get the accurate results in a short time.

Our softwares are designed for data extraction from both static and dynamic web pages. It is able to extract any data from the targeted web pages on the Internet. It is flexible enough to suit for any different web technology. (e.g. html, asp, jsp, php, cfm, aspx, jscript etc )


Reliability – The results are accurate and structural, no dirty data.

Stability – It is able to execute extraction task continuously and anonymously from targeted website for several weeks without any error.

Usability – Simple graphic user interface. Click the Start button to start the extraction and get results, no more settings.


Fast – In today’s 24/7 world, time is money. Web2DB Custom Web Data Extractor(Web Grabber) is able to extract the targeted web data very quickly. For a job costing 20 human days, it can finish in only 1-3 hours. By using Web2DB Custom Web Extractor, you can save lots of your invaluable time to meet your project time frame and get an obvious time-to-market advantage over your competitors.

Accurate results -It is nearly impossible to collect much data from the Internet manually since there will be many mistakes in data fields since one can not do the repetitive work continuously without feeling tired even for one hour, not to mention for several weeks. Web2DB Custom Web Data Extractor can help you get the most accurate results that cannot be collected by human beings.

Low cost - compared with hiring people to manually copy the content from your targeted websites and paste it to your own database, using Web2DB Custom Web Data Extractor(Web Crawler) will save your hundreds of thousands of man-hours and dollars! The reason is very simple: now the job is done by computers instead of human beings.

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