The Qatari Ministry of Interior needs to start from these three points to manage its reputation well

Around June 19, 2022, The Guardian published an article with The headline"The Guardian view on Qatar’s migrant workers: football owes them"

The main content of the article is as follows"The FA and the England team should back proposals to safeguard migrant workers’ rights after the World Cup in November.From the Beijing Winter Olympics to the Saudi-funded LIV golf tournament, 2022 has already offered ample evidence of the value of sportswashing to states with a global image problem. The forthcoming football World Cup in Qatar, now only five months away, will complete a hat-trick of events designed to augment the soft power of authoritarian regimes."

Qatar's interior ministry is responsible for maintaining security and public order and public morals, protect life, honor and property, to ensure that the motherland, citizens, and all the people who live in the country or into the territory of the safety and security, take all necessary means of crime prevention and control, organize foreign citizenship and immigration and living problems, and to protect and protect national important public buildings and facilities.

All along, the Qatar immigration has the attention of the media and network, as an exotic population is bigger, the need to better deal with the immigration problem, and the ministry of interior for online discussion on immigration point will also be necessary to focus on, a improves the management level of the whole national reputation, moreover, to prevent unnecessary disputes. Therefore, for Qatar's Ministry of Interior, strengthening the ability to collect online media information can provide better public opinion guidance support for governing the country. Generally, Knowlesys Intelligence System can meet the needs of information collection from multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Dark Web, Deep Web and Social Media.

Based on past experience, Knowlesys Intelligence System believes that the Home Office can take the following steps in managing its online reputation:

1. Establish an organizational system of reputation risk management and implement whole-process management

The reputation of the ministry of the interior management needs to implement the daily network monitoring, phase state affairs, and sensitive information such as a particular focus on special monitoring, at the same time in the presence of reputation risk, reputation risk probability and impact assessment, reputation, reputation risk monitoring, risk decision and risk report later link to carry out risk management activities, Achieve national people's activities and reputation risk management integration.

2. classified implementation of reputation risk management measures

Reputational risk covers the risk management requirements of all levels of government departments, which requires not only a special reputational risk management department, but also a professional management team to implement classified management. There is a correlation between reputational risk testing and other kinds of risks, and any risk occurrence may lead to reputational risk. The management department of reputational risk is responsible for monitoring all kinds of risks that may lead to reputational events respectively, implementing different monitoring intensity according to different categories, and reasonably allocating resources.

3. Establish a reputation risk warning mechanism

Reputation risk from the produce, accumulate to form, often need a process, and will in advance through a series of related indicators showed signs, including the people's livelihood, social aspects, government management, and other aspects, in view of the phenomenon of indicators, to risk identification and evaluation, is conducive to the reputational risk under effective control, this needs through the construction of risk early warning mechanism to implement.

Knowlesys Intelligence Systemis an integrated network Intelligence monitoring System for government agencies and Intelligence agencies. KIS will help customers from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Insatgram......) And traditional websites (forums, chat rooms, news......) It mines massive amounts of information and transforms it into actionable intelligence through automatic analysis and manual processing.

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