International media attention, how does Qatar Interior Ministry improve the World Cup sensitive public opinion real-time media monitoring capabilities

Qatar's interior ministry is responsible for maintaining security and public order and public morals, protect life, honor and property, to ensure that the motherland, citizens, and all the people who live in the country or into the territory of the safety and security, take all necessary means of crime prevention and control, organize foreign citizenship and immigration and living problems, and to protect and protect national important public buildings and facilities.

In the 21st century, we have ushered in the We-media era of the Internet. In this period, the Internet has developed into a distribution center of all kinds of information and thoughts, with all kinds of information content, and the Internet is a new form of expression of modern social democracy. The Internet entrusts the public with the right to participate in social management and exert the supervision of public opinion, which promotes the rapid development of online public opinion. But at the same time, Qatar's interior ministry also need to focus on some false and harmful information and wrong views is among them, this is largely disrupt the normal operation of the network public opinion function, if let the disorderly development, not only destroy the harmonious network, also can cause damage to individual legitimate interests, therefore, the network public opinion reputation management in this context is also on the agenda.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System detected a high level of interest in workers related to the Qatar World Cup in the German media, ESPN and DW ran the headline "World Cup worker who died was 'suffering to survive'; "no help from Qatar government" and "World Cup in Qatar: 'Reforms are a PR stunt'" all clearly said no to the Qatar World Cup.

Knowlesys Intelligence System believes that for the World Games held in Qatar, it should pay attention to the attitude of each country to prevent negative public opinion against Qatar from becoming the main direction.

Social Media Age

Social media platforms represented by Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube and Instagram have become the base camp of public opinion dissemination, and the power of online communities has begun to rise. With its characteristics of immediacy, convenience, interaction and low threshold, this new type of social media expands the free time and space of public opinion communication, activates the social communication based on the individual, and returns the individual's right of communication and right of communication. The right to know. Is a transmitter, everyone is a receiver.

In this context, how to prevent the crisis of social media, discover harmful information, and prevent the spread of harmful information has become a major challenge for government departments. Among them, social media monitoring becomes an important part.

What is social media monitoring?

Find out what's trending on social media networks. Analyze hazard information, implement network information management and track competitors.

Key Monitoring Objects

Follow people on social networks like Faeebook, Twitter and Youtube and get information about their interactions with others. By looking at how a target interacts with others, its social network can be mapped. Including celebrities, businesses, government agencies, schools.

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