How does Qatar's Ministry of Interior strengthen reputation monitoring in the complex online public opinion environment

Qatar's interior ministry is responsible for maintaining security and public order and public morals, protect life, honor and property, to ensure that the motherland, citizens, and all the people who live in the country or into the territory of the safety and security, take all necessary means of crime prevention and control, organize foreign citizenship and immigration and living problems, and to protect and protect national important public buildings and facilities.

In the 21st century, we have ushered in the We-media era of the Internet. In this period, the Internet has developed into a distribution center of all kinds of information and thoughts, with all kinds of information content, and the Internet is a new form of expression of modern social democracy. The Internet entrusts the public with the right to participate in social management and exert the supervision of public opinion, which promotes the rapid development of online public opinion. But at the same time, Qatar's interior ministry also need to focus on some false and harmful information and wrong views is among them, this is largely disrupt the normal operation of the network public opinion function, if let the disorderly development, not only destroy the harmonious network, also can cause damage to individual legitimate interests, therefore, the network public opinion reputation management in this context is also on the agenda.

In May 2022, Knowlesys Intelligence System (click for details)found a message "Millie Boer international homeland security and the ministry of interior in Qatar in 2022 the second day of the civil defense activity signed a contract worth 71501924 Qatar riyal" caused the Internet more attention, and opinions vary on the network, how to quickly grasp the network of the ministry of the interior dynamic management its reputation as strong demand.

How can the Qatari Ministry of Interior improve its online information collection capabilities in the face of the current complex online public opinion environment? Knowlesys Intelligence System believes that strengthening real-time media monitoring is one of the key points of reputation management. The following are the recommendations for effective reputation management in the Ministry of Interior of Qatar:

1. Establish and improve the working mechanism of real-time media monitoring in accordance with the principles of hierarchical responsibility, timely handling and proper response. Arrange special personnel to browse and collect or use online public opinion monitoring software ,such as Knowlesys Intelligence System , an authoritative public opinion monitoring System in the industry, every day for information carriers,such as: Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, Search Engine, Dark Web, Deep Web, Social Media Information collection, warning, reporting, research, judgment, disposal, summary and evaluation in an all-round, multi-angle and real-time manner.

2. The collection and analysis of network open source information should pay attention to strengthening local information construction. Attention should be paid to the collection and aggregation of public opinions from offline people. We should pay great attention to the voices of the media and netizens on the local situation. The Internet open source information monitoring software is used to monitor popular portal websites, authoritative news media, forums and video media 24 hours a day, so as to ensure the comprehensiveness of open source information and provide opportunities for subsequent intelligence collection.