How does Qatar's Ministry of Interior improve open source information monitoring of real-time media in the information war

Since the establishment of the modern State of Qatar, its leaders have made it their mission to achieve security, tranquility and public tranquility. The establishment of police institutions is a guarantee of order and security, the protection of life, honor, and public and private funds.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence Systemfound that foxsports publishes information with the headline 'Visitors will get into trouble' : Brutal Qatar laws put World Cup fans at risk.After the announcement of the World Cup to be held in Qatar, both human rights and security issues have attracted the attention of media around the world.

How can the Home Office improve access to open source information

Most government departments have slow technological development, insufficient technological innovation, insufficient ability to cope with the rapid technological change, and no reasonable information aggregation and display platform.

Establish its own open source information monitoring network

When using social network platform to build interpersonal intelligent network, the functions of different types of social network platform can be combined. Linkedin, for example, is a real professional identity exchange for professionals around the world. So Linkedin can help intelligence workers choose exactly who to follow, then follow them on Facebook or Twitter, and even gather intelligence through interaction.

How does the Home Office get their information

Through the collection system built-in whole network search engine, input keywords, automatic collection and intelligent analysis. Collect and monitor information 7x24 hours a day.

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