The balance between the World Cup and the COVID-19 pandemic has attracted much attention. How can Qatar's Interior Ministry monitor public opinion on social networks

Since the establishment of the modern State of Qatar, its leaders have made it their mission to achieve security, tranquility and public tranquility. The establishment of police institutions is a guarantee of order and security, the protection of life, honor, and public and private funds.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System found that On or around October 27, 2022, Reuters and other news media published an article titled "Qatar Abolishes Mandatory COVID Test Requirement for World Cup Fans".The message also sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter, where the Qatari Interior Ministry noticed that some voices said "Money trumps 'science.'Shocker."

Workers in Qatar at the World Cup have complained about issues related to working hours, harassment and pay. Based on the complexity of public opinion sources in the new media era and the characteristics of multiple, easy, sudden, concentrated and diverse public opinion risks, how to effectively monitor and warn negative events is a difficult problem. Then, how to monitor and early warn the social public opinion events that the media pay attention to?

1. Use professional public opinion monitoring software

In the face of a huge number of network public opinion information and diversified media, in order to achieve early detection of public opinion, first of all, you need to use the vehicle intelligent professional and efficient network public opinion monitoring software, including major news media authority, mainstream portal website, BBS, blogs, online public opinion monitoring software such as social networking platform, digital newspapers, industry vertical sites and news clients, real-time monitoring, Filter ineffective and interfering information, automatically identify public opinions, timely warning.

2. Dig public opinion focus through multiple channels

With the help of network public opinion monitoring software, public opinion topics are monitored in the form of keywords, semantics, target objects, topic focus, etc., public opinion information, public opinion, and media opinion of the whole network or multi-platform are extracted, and public opinion tendency and emotional tendency are automatically analyzed deeply, which is convenient to accurately identify and educate public opinion focus and risk points.

3. Comprehensively track the spread of public opinion

The scope and influence of public opinion communication are the key to determining public opinion reaction, and the communication of public opinion must be tracked comprehensively. Through multi-dimensional analysis of public opinion topics, events or topics, intelligent tracking of public opinion communication paths, platforms, nodes, hotspots, regions and subjects can be realized.

4. Comprehensive research and judgment on public opinion

With the progress of the activity, the dynamic change of online public opinion communication, the development trend of related public opinions in different periods, the popularity of the Internet, public opinion, the sentiment index of netizens and the attitude of the media will change. Media coverage and reactions have even led to a reversal of events. Therefore, in the monitoring of public opinion, it is necessary to comprehensively study and judge the public opinion situation of the system target, closely track the potential public opinion risks in real time, and integrate the comprehensive public opinion analysis report for the reference of relevant managers or management departments. In order to respond accurately in a sudden crisis.

Founded in May 2003, Knowlesys International Ltd.(Knowlesys) is a high-tech company that specializes in Internet information processing. It has established rich experience and competitive advantages in the fields of accurate monitoring and vertical mining of mass information on the Internet.

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