How does Intelligence gathering in Qatar enhance content threat information extraction

The QATARI Intelligence Directorate is Qatar's national intelligence agency. It is a branch of Qatar's Ministry of Interior. It was established in 2004 after the merger of the General Intelligence Directorate (Mukhabarat) and the Investigative and National Security Directorate (MUbahith). It carries out internal security investigations, gathers intelligence and has primary responsibility for sedition and espionage cases.

The World Cup in Qatar in May 2022 is expected to reach 5 billion viewers, according to the head of FIFA. Fans in a country that does not allow homosexuality have been asked not to make public displays of affection, regardless of sexual orientation. Qatar has earlier come under intense criticism from human rights groups for its treatment of migrant workers, with a 2021 report saying thousands were still being exploited.

And the hidden threat of this open World Cup is also immeasurable. The threat intelligence industry is growing rapidly, so for The Qatari intelligence gathering agency to adapt to the spread of threat intelligence, The threat intelligence center established by threat intelligence vendors can meet the intelligence information collection capabilities of different users from multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Dark Web, Deep Web and Social Media.

Threat intelligence subverts the traditional security defense thinking and changes the traditional passive defense into active defense. It can be said that understanding vulnerabilities is the "confidant" and understanding threat intelligence is the "enemy", which mainly helps the intelligence collection staff to timely understand the network information security situation and make a reasonable prediction of the threat trend.

1. Data collection of threat intelligence

Threat intelligence collection is a process in which information is obtained from various channels, sorted out, and then analyzed to obtain valuable intelligence. In the context of big data and "Internet +" application, threat intelligence is collected in a wide range. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, the deep web and dark web also need attention.

2. Analysis methods of threat intelligence

Horizontal and vertical analysis: correlation and fusion between keywords, time series distribution, combination of events and people can be applied to extract threat features from massive network information.

In-depth mining and multi-dimensional clues:Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) is realized by clustering analysis of information, collaborative cooperation of System users on information, and final information sorting into reports.

The key point of threat intelligence is to realize the sharing of intelligence information. Only by establishing a threat intelligence sharing mechanism and allowing valuable intelligence to circulate effectively, can the threat intelligence ecosystem be truly established. Data collected through, for example, Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) is directed to those responsible to assist Qatari Intelligence gathering in making strategic decisions and ensuring that the Intelligence gathering community receives timely, accurate and comprehensive warnings of foreign and domestic threats. Topics include international politics, national strategy and economic development.