For QATARI INTELLIGENCE to improve access to open source intelligence, the first step is critical

The QATARI Intelligence Directorate is Qatar's national intelligence agency. It is a branch of Qatar's Ministry of Interior. It was established in 2004 after the merger of the General Intelligence Directorate (Mukhabarat) and the Investigative and National Security Directorate (MUbahith). It carries out internal security investigations, gathers intelligence and has primary responsibility for sedition and espionage cases.

It was retweeted by many twitter users around June 20"‘Misled’ individuals behind boycott calls, not worried about it, says Qatar Airways CEO"

At the same time, @Jagritichandra tweeted"Remember all those boycott calls for Qatar Airways? Its CEO doesn't give a hoot (surprise surprise). This is what he told me at #IATA AGM in Doha. Also - says not interested in Gangwal's stake in IndiGo."cause some concern.

Around June 22, 2022, @Davenewworld_2 posted a message on Twitter"Over 1,000 pilots for Southwest Airlines are protesting outside Love Field in Dallas for being overworked and understaffed"The information generated 36.2K reweet, 2253 quote Tweets and 207.5k likes. According to the account information, the user frequently forwarded relevant information and gained high attention.

The amount of information a tweet can generate is incalculable, and the more people are engaged, the more information it generates, the more information the intelligence agency can gather from pictures, texts and videos. Therefore, for Qatar's intelligence collection agency, only by strengthening its ability to collect social media information can it better obtain valuable information and flexibly apply the information center established by intelligence manufacturers. Generally, Knowlesys Intelligence System can collect Intelligence information from multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Dark Web, Deep Web and Social Media.

1. Data collection of social media intelligence

Knowlesys Intelligence SystemSocial media information platforms explored by System mainly include Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Search Engine and Dark Web, Deep Web, Social Media, etc., classified and sorted out the obtained information through intelligence collection of a variety of Media platforms for in-depth analysis and mining. Making full use of Intelligence collection systems, such as Knowlesys Intelligence System, can greatly improve the collection efficiency and quality.

2. Analysis methods of social media intelligence

Social media reach. In a social media marketing campaign, how does the content spread across social media, how many people have seen the post, and how many are interested in the product promoted on the post

The mood index of Internet users. When you launch social media marketing ads, analyze some sentiment indicators of users on social media platforms to tell you whether the topic about the brand is positive, negative or neutral. If it is negative, it is necessary to timely understand the problems and improve the functions of the product. If positive, it may indicate that the advertising is successful.

The number of times netizens participated in the interaction. The number of interactions with netizens is one of the most important indicators of social media monitoring and analysis. In order to be successful on social media, your content needs to stimulate discussion and engage users in some form of interaction. The more comments, likes, shares, and reposts on your posts or topics, the more people will see your content and the more advertising exposure you'll get.

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