How does the Qatari government conduct reputational risk monitoring as the World Cup approaches

Since the establishment of the modern State of Qatar, its leaders have made it their mission to achieve security, tranquility and public tranquility. The establishment of police institutions is a guarantee of order and security, the protection of life, honor, and public and private funds.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence Systemobserved Twitter user @Paul Breitner Posting "Mundial de Qatar# YoNoLoVere" and getting a lot of attention. Since the determination of Qatar as the host country of the World Cup, there has been a steady stream of negative information about the World Cup, and the labor issue has been the focus of the media's "criticism". When the World Cup is approaching, the Qatar Interior Ministry needs to improve the collection ability of the online reputation and public opinion monitoring.

Knowlesys Intelligence System mainly starts from the following points:

1. Use professional public opinion monitoring software

In the face of massive online public opinion information and diversified media, in order to achieve early detection of public opinion, professional and efficient online public opinion monitoring software such as Lesi Intelligent should be used first, including authoritative news media, mainstream portal websites, BBS, blogs, online public opinion monitoring software and other social network platforms, digital newspapers, industrial vertical websites and news customers, for real-time comprehensive monitoring. Filter invalid and disturbing information, automatically identify public opinions, timely warning.

2. Explore public opinion focus through multiple channels

With the help of online public opinion monitoring software, the public opinion topic is monitored in the form of keywords, semantics, target objects, topic focus, etc., the public opinion information of the whole network or multiple platforms, public opinion, media opinion is extracted, and the public opinion tendency and emotional tendency are automatically analyzed in depth, so as to facilitate accurate investigation and education of public opinion focus and risk points.

3. Comprehensively track the dissemination of public opinions

The scope and influence of public opinion communication is the key to determine the response of public opinion. It is necessary to comprehensively track the public opinion communication. Through multi-dimensional analysis of public opinion topics, events or topics, intelligent tracking of public opinion transmission paths, platforms, nodes, hotspots, regions and subjects can be achieved.

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