How does the Qatari Intelligence agency improve information confidentiality and obtain open source information efficiently?

Qatar State Security is the state intelligence agency of Qatar. It is a branch of the Qatari Ministry of Interior.It was created in 2004, after the General Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat) and the Investigation and State Security Service (mubahith) merged. It performs internal security investigations, gathers intelligence, and has primary responsibility for sedition and espionage cases.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System found that The U.S. envoy, Rob Malley, was slated to land in the Qatari capital of Doha later Monday, a senior State Department official told POLITICO.Up to now, most of the discussions on reviving the deal had been held in Vienna, Austria; they’ve stalled since March. Iran, meanwhile, has advanced its nuclear program significantly, including its enrichment of uranium, and it has been removing or turning off cameras that international inspectors rely upon to monitor its program

Photos posted on social media. The location can be inferred from the road names and stop signs in the background of the photo, and the importance of the meeting can be inferred from the identities of the people in the photo. Any photo could be a conduit for sensitive information.

PKnowlesys International Ltd. (Knowlesys) believes that we can start from the following points:

Use third-party information gathering systems

PUse technical means to collect and delete information. Make full and effective use of information collection systems to improve the quality of information, while increasing the amount of information collected by intelligence agencies. The LASE intelligent system preprocesses and retains text messages, pictures and videos from twitter, search engines, the dark web, the deep Web and social media. Intelligence agencies monitor open source intelligence acquisition, text surveillance, image surveillance, video surveillance, and content threats by setting information collection preferences on LASE intelligence systems. Delete information as soon as it is found.

Establish information processing team

PAfter the monitoring system layout is completed, it is also essential to equip the corresponding staff. Personnel allocation needs to be considered: information demand setting personnel, information screening and sorting personnel, personnel to analyze and judge the sorted information, to capture the information to carry out 24-hour real-time monitoring and sorting. In general, the monitoring system can form a data analysis report, and relevant personnel can form a value judgment based on the data analysis generated by the system.

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