To improve the security strategy of social network information, Oman's national intelligence is urgent

Oman is a unitary state and an absolute monarchy, with all legislative, executive and judicial powers ultimately in the hands of a hereditary sultan. As a result, Freedom House regularly rates the country as "not free."

Sudan is the head of state and has direct control over foreign affairs and defense. He had absolute power and passed laws by decree.

In May 2022, Monitoring by Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) found that after more than two years in power, Oman's Sultan Haseem bin Tariq appeared to be considering the highly sensitive issue of his succession. His son Theazin bin Haitham is gradually taking on new responsibilities, including managing key development projects in the Sultanate. Omani national Intelligence can use Internet technology to better obtain effective information at critical times.

Eighty percent of government organizations are in the initial or development stage of technology adoption

Eighty percent of government organizations are in the initial or development stage of technology adoption

In the process of social modernization, the security of social network information is becoming more and more important. People are more and more enthusiastic about "we media" platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok to make their voices heard and obtain potential information from texts, pictures or videos. However, the slow adoption of technological innovation by most government departments and organizations makes the government departments not timely access to network information, so that network information security can not keep up with the development of the network. Therefore, as the national intelligence service providing security services for Oman, it should actively focus on digital transformation, improve internal and external social network information security guarantee strategy, and improve the overall service level and quality.

How to improve the social network information security system of national intelligence

To improve social networks in the national information security system as soon as possible is to build a cyber power and improve the Country of Oman

An integral part of the quality of intelligence services. Knowlesys thinks there are several paths as a whole, for reference only:

1. Develop development plans related to open source intelligence work on social networks: on the one hand, improve the ability to explore open source intelligence; On the other hand, we need to improve counter-intelligence capabilities.

2. Set up a full-time organization to carry out open source intelligence work and provide talent support for open source intelligence work.

3. Enhance the technical guarantee capability of national information security to prevent the direct and large-scale leakage of information on social networking sites. For example, Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) is used to source, obtain, process, analyze and integrate social media information into a value report.

4. improve the national information security awareness. Through monitoring and standardizing local social media information and guiding netizens to use social networks reasonably for national information security.