How can Oman's Ministry of Interior accurately access open source intelligence on social networks?

The Ministry of The Interior is responsible for the internal affairs of the country, such as overseeing the governor, judges, Treasury, donations, zakat collection and tribal affairs. 2011-Now Mr. Hamoud Bin Faisal bin Saeed Al Busaidi is the Minister of The Interior and Eng. Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud Al Busaidi is the Deputy Minister. The Ministry of the Interior was one of the state institutions that formed the institutions of the new government in 1970 and played an important role in all aspects of the country's social and service modernization before the creation of specialized ministries thereafter. It continued to play an important role in the development of society until the state machine spread to all parts of the country.

Time background

In May 2022, the Oman 2040 Vision Implementation Follow-up Team, in collaboration with competent government agencies, successfully developed and followed up the implementation of 34 initiatives and projects for 2021. As Oman's economy continues to grow, living standards continue to improve, and the business environment continues to improve, the ability to access open source intelligence needs to evolve with The Times.

Thanks to the prevalence of social media and online activity, there is now a wealth of legally collectable OSINT open source web intelligence available, which can provide intelligence collectors with all the information they need to successfully describe an organization or individual.

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for internal affairs throughout Oman, such as overseeing the governor-general, judges, Treasury, donations, zakat collection and tribal affairs, and plays an important role in all aspects of the country's social and service modernization. Therefore, there is a greater need to make full use of open source cyber intelligence, one to improve the home Office supervision work; The other is to provide better social services for the country.

The following is a specific implementation plan for how to accurately obtain open source intelligence on social networks, for your reference only:

The Department of the Interior's open-source intelligence approach to social networking

1. Identify monitoring objects

Follow (follow, subscribe) is the basic method to obtain dynamic information of target (individual or institutional user) on social network. Following people on social networks such as Faeebook, Twitter and Youtube can provide information about their interactions with others. Knowlesys Intelligence System can collect and integrate data to observe the target's interaction with others and further map its social network.

2. Information collection

When the Department of the Interior has a more specific subject matter for intelligence. You can manually search the social network's own search engine by keyword. On social networking platforms where the search function is not designed in a conventional way, multiple search engines can be used.

Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) has launched a Social media-specific search engine to help the Omani Ministry of Interior quickly access information on Social Media. Faced with a flood of information on social media, ordinary search engines such as Google cannot find the dark Web and can collect information.

3. Build a network

With the interactive function of social network, intelligence can be obtained through interpersonal communication by directly making friends with target users or joining corresponding groups in social network.

When using social network platform to build interpersonal intelligence network, functions of different types of social network platform can be combined. Linkedin, for example, is an authentic professional identity communication platform for professionals around the world. Therefore, Linke-DIN can help intelligence workers accurately select the right people to follow, and then track them on Facebook or Twitter, or even gather intelligence through interaction.