How does the Ministry of Interior of Oman quickly detect Content Threat on social networks in the context of complex online public opinion environment

Sultan of Oman's Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the internal affairs of the state, such as overseeing governors, judges, finance, donations, zakat collection and tribal affairs. From 2011 to the present, Mr. Hamoud bin Faisal bin Saeed Busaidi has served as Minister of The Interior and Works. Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud Al Busaidi is the deputy minister. The Ministry of the Interior was one of the state institutions that formed the institutions of the new government in 1970 and played an important role in all aspects of the country's social and service modernization until the creation of specialized ministries thereafter.

On or around June 22, 2022, Knowlesys Intelligence System detected a large number of retweets on Twitter"وزي المالية: حاليًا ندرس فرض ضريبة دخل على أصحاب الدخول المرتفعة بهدف دعم منظومة الحماية الاجتماعية".According to Knowlesys Intelligence System's analysis of online information categories, up to now, information related to Oman's introduction of income tax on the Internet is mainly about the spread of the resolution content, and there is no other large area of dissatisfaction or positive comments.

On or about June 14th, A piece of"Oman, Tanzania sign agreement to avoid double taxation" The information prompted many comments on the Internet saying, "VAT does not apply to restaurants and tourism industry."

The update of national policies often leads to the active participation of the public in expressing their opinions. Under the circumstance of the diversification of national network public opinion environment, it is increasingly important for the Ministry of Interior to improve the ability of network information collection and identify valuable open source information.

Open source intelligence comes in many types of data, such as social media, search engines, geographic information, statistics, think tank information, etc. There is some intersection relationship between different types of intelligence information, thus forming a huge intelligence network. It can be said that each type of intelligence cannot play a role alone.

Knowlesys Intelligence System believes that strengthening open source information monitoring of real-time media is one of the key points, and how to quickly discover Content Threat on social networks mainly includes the following points:

Objective understanding of network public opinion, understanding of public opinion early warning function

The government should realize the role of public opinion early warning, and use some public opinion monitoring tools, such as Knowlesys Intelligence System, to assign different network monitoring tasks to different staff according to different roles, so as to improve the ability to change the threat of open source information content and analyze and organize data.

Use the role of mass media gatekeeper

In the age of mass communication, the Ministry of Interior needs to properly handle the relationship with mass media. Mass media is not only the main agency for releasing information, but also the link between the government and the audience. To some extent, the voice of mass media can mediate the relationship between the government and the public. Therefore, when the negative image of local government increases, gatekeepers should consciously choose important information to maintain the image of the government.

Open source intelligence company worth recommending

Knowlesys International Ltd. (Knowlesys), founded in May 2003, is a high-tech company specializing in Internet information processing. It has established rich experience and competitive advantage in the field of accurate monitoring and vertical mining of massive information on the Internet.

Knowlesys is certified as a software company and its products are registered. All employees have college degrees or above. Our r&d staff includes the System analyzer certified by the Ministry of Information Industry of China and the technical columnist of CSDN, the largest software development website. The core products are LASE intelligent system and LASE network data mining studio.

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