Oil tanker struck by drone off Oman's coast How is Oman's Intelligence Agency improving its intelligence-gathering capabilities?

Internal Security Service (ISS; Arabic: جهاز الأمن الداخلي) transliterated: Jahaz al Amn al Dakhly, is the national security agency of the Sultanate of Oman. The agency focuses solely upon domestic security while foreign intelligence operations is specifically handled by the Palace Office, which controls external security and coordinates all intelligence and security policies.

The stated overall purpose of ISS is to investigates all matters related to internal security.The ISS also leads on Omani counter terrorism procedures and outreach activities.To maintain security and stability and protect the national identity and culture through intelligence work, in cooperation with other relevant bodies, in order to identify and confront internal threats. Thus, the work of ISS is based on proficiency, efficiency, transparency and the respect of law.

Clarify how intelligence is gathered

Intelligence can be divided into two categories according to how it is obtained:

Active collection: Obtaining relevant information by manual (intersecting with active collection of mass intelligence collection) or manipulating tools; Passive collection: Obtain related information through the Internet information delivery tool.

Active information collection tools: Search engines, various omni-directional or specific search engines. Official website, various government websites, data, annual report website, third party website, company website, etc.; Monitoring software, such as Rosi Intelligent System. Passive information

With the help of intelligence gathering technology

Knowlesys International Ltd. (Knowlesys), founded in May 2003, is a high-tech company specializing in Internet information processing. The core products are Russ Intelligent System and Russ Network Data Mining Studio. It has established rich experience and competitive advantages in the fields of accurate monitoring and vertical mining of massive Internet information.

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