To manage threat intelligence well, Oman's intelligence agencies should proceed from these two dimensions

On or about June 20, 2022, The Times Of Oman has released a headline,"Over 20 arrested for illegally entering the country" ,The main content of the article is as follows"More than 20 foreigners have been arrested by the Royal Oman Police (ROP), for attempting to enter the Sultanate of Oman illegally."

According to the ROP, the Coast Guard Police in North Al Batinah Governorate arrested 23 infiltrators of different nationalities on a The legal procedures are being completed against them."

The Sultanate of Oman is a unitary state and an absolute monarchy in which all legislative, executive and judicial powers are ultimately vested in the hereditary Sultan. As a result, Freedom House regularly rates the country as "not free." Sudan is the head of state and has direct control over foreign affairs and defense. He had absolute power and passed laws by decree.

Has long been illegal entry of Oman is a significant issue of national security, fast for Oman's intelligence agencies to gather information about the threat to national security related information is crucial, and usually pictures, video, or text on the network can access to valuable information, so for Oman intelligence collection agencies, Only by strengthening the ability to collect social media information can we better obtain valuable information and flexibly apply the information center established by intelligence manufacturers. Generally, Knowlesys Intelligence System can be used to collect Intelligence information from various platforms such as Dark Web, Deep Web, Facebook, Twitter and Social Media.

Based on past experience, Knowlesys Intelligence System suggests that the Home Office is doing a better job of collecting online information:

1. Data collection of threat intelligence

Threat intelligence collection is a process in which information is obtained from various channels, sorted out, and then analyzed to obtain valuable intelligence. In the context of big data and "Internet +" application, threat intelligence is collected in a wide range. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, the deep web and dark web also need attention.

2. Analysis methods of threat intelligence

Horizontal and vertical analysis: correlation and fusion between keywords, time series distribution, combination of events and people can be applied to extract threat features from massive network information.

In-depth mining and multi-dimensional clues:Knowlesys Intelligence System is realized by clustering analysis of information, collaborative cooperation of System users on information, and final information sorting into reports.

The key point of threat intelligence is to realize the sharing of intelligence information. Only by establishing a threat intelligence sharing mechanism and allowing valuable intelligence to circulate effectively, can the threat intelligence ecosystem be truly established. Data collected through, for example, Knowlesys Intelligence System is sent directly to those responsible to assist Qatari Intelligence gathering in making strategic decisions and ensuring that the Intelligence gathering agency is provided with timely, accurate and comprehensive warnings of domestic and foreign threats. Topics include international politics, national strategy and economic development.

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