Missing women Still Not Found How does Oman's Interior Ministry Monitor open-source intelligence on social networks?

Internal Security Service (ISS; Arabic: جهاز الأمن الداخلي) transliterated: Jahaz al Amn al Dakhly, is the national security agency of the Sultanate of Oman. The agency focuses solely upon domestic security while foreign intelligence operations is specifically handled by the Palace Office, which controls external security and coordinates all intelligence and security policies. The stated overall purpose of ISS is to investigates all matters related to internal security.The ISS also leads on Omani counter terrorism procedures and outreach activities.To maintain security and stability and protect the national identity and culture through intelligence work, in cooperation with other relevant bodies, in order to identify and confront internal threats. Thus, the work of ISS is based on proficiency, efficiency, transparency and the respect of law.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence Systemfound that Numerous media releases "Hamida Hammoud Al Amriya, who was first reported missing 18 days ago from the Wilayat of Izki in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, is still not found and the efforts to search for her continue, said the Royal Oman Police."

Every day, a large amount of public information is generated on the Internet, such as social media, short video platforms and other news media, and is presented in various forms such as text, audio, video and pictures. So how should open source information be monitored in the UAE? Knowlesys Intelligence System believes that it is mainly developed from the following points:

1. Search engines

As a traditional open source information monitoring method, search engine is relatively simple to operate. This is usually done by typing keywords through search engines such as Google, previewing them from the front page, filtering statistics, and finally calculating the results to generate data analysis reports.

2. Project search

Item search mainly refers to those service platforms with built-in search function, such as online platforms, Twitter, Facebook, etc., through which special keywords can be entered for search. After the search is complete, the search content is displayed one by one. At this point, the customer only needs to view one by one in chronological order.

3. Public opinion monitoring platform tool

Public opinion monitoring platform tools, such as Le Si intelligent system, can automatically collect the whole network data, automatically identify users need to pay attention to the information, and provide early warning notice, so that the relevant person in charge of the first time to know; Can also be 7*24 hours real-time monitoring. Input keywords to monitor the whole network and conduct in-depth analysis of information, which can be transformed into a visual network public opinion analysis report, providing data support for public opinion response and direction guidance for public opinion resolution.

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