How is Oman's Ministry of Interior using open source data to monitor potential reputational risks

Ministry of the Interior: Responsible for the internal affairs of the country, such as overseeing the governor, judges, Treasury, donations, zakat collection and tribal affairs.

The Ministry of the Interior was one of the state institutions that formed the institutions of the new government in 1970 and played an important role in all aspects of the country's social and service modernization before the creation of specialized ministries thereafter. It continued to play an important role in the development of society until the state machine spread to all parts of the country.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System found that One person died and seven others were rescued during heavy rains on Thursday in different governorates of Oman caused by a low-pressure trough, which is likely to continue to affect the country’s weather until Saturday, July 9.

Oman's new visa policy has caused a heated debate in the field of online public opinion. Based on the complexity of the sources of public opinion in the new media era and the characteristics of frequent, frequent, sudden, concentrated and diverse public opinion risks in the education industry, it is a difficult problem how to effectively monitor and warn negative events in the initial stage of the New Deal. Then, how to monitor and early warning social public opinion events?

1. Use professional public opinion monitoring software

In the face of a huge number of network public opinion information and diversified media, in order to achieve early detection of public opinion, first of all, you need to use the vehicle intelligent professional and efficient network public opinion monitoring software, including major news media authority, mainstream portal website, BBS, blogs, online public opinion monitoring software such as social networking platform, digital newspapers, industry vertical sites and news clients, real-time monitoring, Filter invalid and disturbing information, automatically identify public opinion, timely warning.

2. Explore the focus of public opinion through multiple channels

With the help of online public opinion monitoring software, monitoring public opinion topics in the form of keywords, semantics, target objects, topic focus, extract the whole network or multi-platform public opinion information, public opinion, media public opinion, and automatically in-depth analysis of public opinion tendency and emotional tendency, easy to accurately investigate the education public opinion focus and risk points.

3. Follow up the spread of public opinion comprehensively

The scope and influence of public opinion communication are the key to the public opinion response, so it is necessary to comprehensively track the public opinion communication. Through multi-dimensional analysis of public opinion topics, events or topics, intelligent tracking of public opinion propagation path, platform, node, hot spot, region and subject can be realized.

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