How does the Nigerian Ministry of Interior use social network monitoring to maintain order online?

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System found that "Peter Obi" frequently appeared on Twitter, " He is not a Saint but among politicians in Nigeria today, Peter Obi is a bundle of integrity"It sparked a flood of retweets, comments and likes

In addition to positive comments about "Peter Obi," some people also expressed“The Catholic church in Dubai is built by Emir of Dubai and he attends service there three to four times a year.Disunity in Nigeria is created by Elites and politicians due to bad governance - @PeterObi”,The comment also attracted more retweets and likes.

Knowlesys Intelligence System found that positive comments on "Peter Obi" were generally higher than negative ones. It is necessary for the Nigerian Ministry of The Interior to provide support services to maintain order in the country's cyberspace at a time when the Internet is intertwined with the election.

1. Improve social media data collection

Information collection on social media is a process in which information is obtained from various channels, sorted out, and then analyzed to obtain valuable intelligence. In the context of big data and "Internet +" application, threat intelligence is collected in a wide range. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, attention should also be paid to the deep web and dark web.

2. Enrich the analysis method of open source information

Horizontal and vertical analysis: correlation and fusion between keywords, time series distribution, combination of events and people can be applied to extract threat features from massive network information.

Deep digging and multidimensional clues: Knowlesys Intelligence System uses data from Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, Search Engine, Dark Web, Deep Web, Social Media and other multi-platform information is collected, warned, submitted, analyzed, disposed, summarized and evaluated in an all-round, multi-angle and real-time manner. Cluster analysis of information, system users for information cooperation, the final information into a report method.

Maintaining national cyber order is a key point of national security. Data obtained through Knowlesys Intelligence Systems , for example, is sent directly to the relevant person in charge. Assist the Ministry of Interior of Nigeria to collect and make strategic decisions and ensure that the Ministry of Interior has timely and accurate early warning of open source information on the value of various media, covering election, livelihood and social aspects.

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