Low investment in education affects the global risk. How should the Nigerian Ministry of education conduct real-time media monitoring

The functions of Federal Ministry of Education (Nigeria) include:

Formulate national education policies.

Collect and collate data for educational programs and funding.

Maintain a unified educational level throughout the country.

To control the quality of education in the country through the supervision role of the Ministry of education's internal supervision service.

Coordinate education policies and procedures in the federal states through the National Education Commission.

To achieve international cooperation in education.

Work with other institutions to develop curricula and curricula at the national level.

According to the recent monitoring of Knowlesys Intelligence System, relevant departments should pay attention to the relevant information of "Nigeria's low investment in education will impact 2030 global goal, UN warnings" released by the media.

Knowlesys Intelligence System think we can start from the following points:

How does Ministry of education of Nigeria improve access to open source information

Most government departments have slow technological development, insufficient technological innovation, insufficient ability to cope with the rapid technological change, and no reasonable information aggregation and display platform.

Establish its own open source information monitoring network

The functions of different types of social networking platforms can be combined when using social networking platforms to build human intelligence networks. For example, LinkedIn is a real professional identity exchange platform for global professionals. Therefore, LinkedIn can help intelligence workers accurately select people to follow, then follow them on Facebook or twitter, and even collect intelligence through interaction.

How does the Ministry of the interior obtain their information

Through the whole network search engine built in the collection system, input keywords to realize automatic collection and intelligent analysis. Summarize and monitor information 7x24 hours a day.

Improve the national social network information security system

Formulate development plans related to open source intelligence work, improve information mining ability, train talents, and formulate emergency plans. To provide technical support for open-source intelligent personnel, Lesi intelligent system has advanced collection and analysis technology to improve personnel efficiency

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