Faced with the "poverty" solidified image, how should the Qatari government manage public opinions on social networks at home and abroad

The public security functions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs included passport and immigration control, prison administration, fire service, and oversight of compliance with certain commercial and civic regulations. Immigration control was regarded as important and such steps as expulsions, expanded border controls, and acquisition of surveillance and communications equipment, and of weapons for immigration officers had been taken to enforce immigration laws. Immigration offices training schools were located in Kano, in Lagos, and at state headquarters.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence Systemmonitored the World Bank's release of information titled "Nigeria's poverty exceeds World Bank projection, five states lead".

"The National Bureau of Statistics has disclosed that 133 million Nigerians are multi-dimensionally poor.In its latest National Multidimensional Poverty Index report launched on Thursday, the NBS said that 63 per cent of Nigerians were poor due to a lack of access to health, education, living standards, employment and security. The Multidimensional Poverty Index offers a multivariate form of poverty assessment, identifying deprivations across health, education, living standards, work and shocks.The Statistician-General of the Federation and CEO of the NBS, Semiu Adeniran, said this was the first time the bureau would conduct a standard multidimensional poverty survey in Nigeria."

In the face of the forecast of the World Bank, the international impression of "poverty" of Nigeria is further solidified. In this regard, the relevant government departments of Nigeria need to improve their national strength and correct the international impression of "poverty" is particularly important. Knowlesys Intelligence System believes that by monitoring international public opinion and managing public opinion at home and abroad, we can start from the following points:

Use professional public opinion monitoring software

In the face of massive online public opinion information and diversified media, in order to achieve early detection of public opinion, professional and efficient online public opinion monitoring software such as Lesi Intelligent should be used first, including authoritative news media, mainstream portal websites, BBS, blogs, online public opinion monitoring software and other social network platforms, digital newspapers, industrial vertical websites and news customers, for real-time comprehensive monitoring. Filter invalid and disturbing information, automatically identify public opinions, timely warning.

Establish its own open source information monitoring network

When using social network platform to build interpersonal intelligent network, the functions of different types of social network platform can be combined. Linkedin, for example, is a real professional identity exchange for professionals around the world. So Linkedin can help intelligence workers choose exactly who to follow, then follow them on Facebook or Twitter, and even gather intelligence through interaction.

Using the mass media gatekeeper role

In the age of mass communication, the Interior Ministry needs to properly manage its relationship with the mass media. The mass media is not only the main institution to release information, but also the link between the government and the audience. The voice of the mass media can mediate the relationship between the government and the public to some extent. Therefore, when the negative image of local government increases, gatekeepers need to consciously choose important information to maintain the image of the government.

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