How can the Nigerian Ministry of Home Affairs effectively monitor open source real-time media on the world's focused social network

The public security functions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs included passport and immigration control, prison administration, fire service, and oversight of compliance with certain commercial and civic regulations. Immigration control was regarded as important and such steps as expulsions, expanded border controls, and acquisition of surveillance and communications equipment, and of weapons for immigration officers had been taken to enforce immigration laws. Immigration offices training schools were located in Kano, in Lagos, and at state headquarters.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System found that The World Bank means "the price of the currencies of most developing economies like Nigeria, Is driving up the food and arg, prices in ways that could deepen the food and energy crises that many of them already face."

How does the Department of the Interior improve access to open source information

Most government departments have slow technological development, insufficient technological innovation, insufficient ability to cope with the rapid technological change, and no reasonable information aggregation and display platform.n

Establish their own open source information monitoring network

When using social network platform to build interpersonal intelligence network, we can combine the functions of different types of social network platform. Linkedin, for example, is a true professional identity exchange for professionals around the world. So Linkedin could help intelligence workers choose exactly who to follow, and then follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or even gather intelligence through interactions.n

How does the Home Office get their information

Through the whole network search engine built in the acquisition system, the key words are input to realize automatic acquisition and intelligent analysis. Summary and monitor information 7x24 hours a day.

We will improve the national social network information security system

Develop development plans related to open source intelligence work, improve information mining ability, cultivate talents, and formulate emergency plans. For open source intelligent personnel to provide technical support, the intelligent system has advanced collection and analysis technology, to improve the efficiency of personnel effect.n

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