In the information age, the Nigerian Interior Ministry's real-time media monitoring has become an inevitable trend


The federal Ministry of the Interior was created in 1957 out of concern for maintaining internal security. In 2007, the Ministry of Interior was merged with the Ministry of Police Affairs to form the Ministry of Interior. The current Interior minister is Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola. The Federal Department of Home Affairs is part of Nigeria's Federal Ministries tasked with providing complementary internal security and other supporting services in Nigeria.

In May,Knowlesys Intelligence System (click for details) observed a high number of Internet complaints about immigration passport cards, right-to-life violations and the scheduling of public holidays on important days, all of which clearly referred to the Nigerian Interior Ministry.

Social media platforms represented by Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube, TikTok and so on have become important carriers of public opinion communication, and their characteristics of instantaneity, interactivity and low threshold have accelerated public opinion communication. Therefore, the Nigerian Ministry of Interior's real-time media monitoring has become an inevitable trend.

Why does Nigeria's Interior Ministry need real-time media monitoring

1. For the Ministry of the Interior, it can understand social and livelihood issues, major emergencies and public concerns on social media in real time

2. Most government departments have slow technological development, insufficient technological innovation ability, insufficient ability to cope with constantly changing technological changes, and no reasonable information gathering and display platform.

Methods of real-time monitoring

1. The 7*24 hour real-time monitoring system can help users to understand the image and online reputation of the Ministry of Interior on various social media platforms in real time;

2. The whole network monitoring capability can help users fully understand the self-related speech dynamics published by Media, officials and netizens on Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Tiktok and Social Media;

3. With intelligent semantic recognition function, it can help users automatically identify negative, sensitive and other important references related to themselves on major social media platforms, and support synchronous crisis alarm;

4. Develop development plans related to open source Intelligence work, use open source information collection systems, such as Knowlesys Intelligence System (click for details) to improve information mining capabilities, develop staff, and develop emergency response plans.