How does the Nigeria Intelligence Service collect open source information on social media

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is a department of the Nigerian government that oversees foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations.

National Security Agency (SSS) - Responsible for domestic intelligence

National Intelligence Agency (NIA) -- Responsible for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) - Responsible for military intelligence.

On May 23rd,Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) noticed that BREAKING's message "Nigerian police turn around and say kano explosion was caused by bomb material, not gas" was widely shared on Twitter, with many users noting that "Panel and commission never solve any problems in Nigeria. Simply act on the available information and intelligence gathered."

As the official organization of the Sultanate of Oman, the Nigeria Intelligence Agency is responsible for protecting the country, ensuring its stability and integrity, and ensuring the tranquility and peace for citizens and residents. In the era of new media network, online public opinion information is overwhelming and spreads at an extremely fast speed. Therefore, using big data system to collect intelligence has become an inevitable trend.

The methods for timely acquisition of open source information about social media software on the network are as follows:

1. Traditional manual collection

Is to assign a person to each major website, information platform or with the help of search engine tools to search keywords associated information, and then step by step screening.

2. open source information collection second: modern collection (software) system + artificial

Only need to equip a professional open source intelligence system tools, and then arrange the information to submit personnel. Through the use of Intelligence systems such as Knowlesys Intelligence System (click here to learn more) , you can automatically collect the information data needed to pay attention to the whole network, and then timely report to the relevant person in charge, and then its verification and review report.

3. Real-time and accurate monitoring of key platforms

Through the application of big data acquisition and analysis software, the key platforms to be monitored can be automatically defined. Multiple targets can be monitored simultaneously, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube, Tiktok and Social Media, etc. The system will automatically monitor the content information related to the target. Make sure they can get the target information data they need to focus on the first time.

4. Combination monitoring of multiple information categories

Through the use of big data acquisition software for a number of different categories of information combined monitoring, such as: attention to information + a person + a region + an event and other keywords multiple combination monitoring.

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