Genocide sensitive information spread, Nigeria's National Intelligence Agency desperately needs real-time media monitoring in the information war

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is a department of the Nigerian government that oversees foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations.

National Security Agency (SSS) - Responsible for domestic intelligence

National Intelligence Agency (NIA) -- Responsible for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) - Responsible for military intelligence.

Recently, Knowlesys Intelligence System found that Breakpoint launched the Genocide in Nigeria

It says in part, "Back in May, 20 Nigerian Christians were brutally murdered by the Islamic militant group ISIS. In June, another 40 Christians were killed in a terrorist attack on a church in Owo, Nigeria. While it is not clear who was responsible for the attack, what is clear is that Christians continue to be severely persecuted in the West African country. This years-long persecution is part of a long conflict with Islam."

Age of Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, Youtube, Instagram, etc., became the home of public opinion, and the power of online communities began to rise. This new type of social media, with its characteristics of immediacy, convenience, interaction and low threshold, expands the free time and space of public opinion communication, activates the social communication with the individual as the basic unit, and returns the individual's right of communication and right of communication. Right to know. Is the transmitter, everyone is a receiver.

In this context, how to prevent social media crisis, find harmful information, and prevent the dissemination of harmful information has become a major challenge for government departments. Among them, social media monitoring has become an important part of it.

What is social media monitoring?

Find out what's trending on social media networks. Analyze hazard information, implement network information management, and track competitors.

Key Monitored Objects

Follow people on social networks like Faeebook, Twitter, and Youtube and get information about their interactions with others. By looking at how a target interacts with others, it is possible to map out its social network. It includes celebrities, businesses, government agencies, schools.

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