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 Custom Web Screen Scraper
What It Does

Knowlesys custom designed Web Data Crawler browses static or dynamic target web pages automantically, and collects data from the page elements, then convert it into records in database, for example, Access database, Excel spreadsheet, CSV text file,o rany other database format.

It is fully-customizable on our leading Web Data Crawler technology to ensure it will meet your unique needs. It is very simple and easy to use. You only need click on the "Start" button, it will do all the fast extraction for you.

Example Requirements

"Hello. I'm in need of a program that will scrape a retail websites' Stock Keeping Unit Numbers(SKU's) for each item and paste it into a single column in Microsoft Excel 2003. If the category search exceeds Excel's limit of 65000 or so, it will need to open a new file to paste any additional data. I'm not exactly sure how these programs work or their capabilities. My estimate is that I will create a search for lets say Action/Adventure DVD's on the site. It will yield 21000 results with 12 items per page. The program will then run extracting the one piece of data per DVD or link and move on to the next page until the search is complete for that particular category. At the end, Excel will contain all 21000 SKU's. "

What You Get

Knowlesys Custom Web Screen Scraper empowers you to extract valuable data from your targeted websites and integrate it into your business easily, quickly, and accurately than ever before.

Let Us Prove It!

Let Knowlesys show you Custom Web Data Capture Tool that works with a free proof of concept.
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